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Working together to improve air quality in African cities
ANGA is an organization that focuses on promoting atmospheric sciences in Africa through research, education, and collaboration. ANGA aims to facilitate the exchange of scientific information, ideas, and experiences among atmospheric scientists and researchers in Africa.
UrbanBetter is a collaborative platform that brings together researchers, city officials, and citizens to address urban challenges and create more sustainable, livable cities. UrbanBetter uses data-driven research and community engagement to find solutions to urban issues.
Canairy Alert translates and packages globally available datasets such as NASA’s GEOS-CF forecast, local air quality monitoring data from calibrated low-cost monitors, reference grade monitors, and others into decision-relevant and locally accessible tools for key pollution sources identification and pollution forecast.
CAMS-Net is an international “network of networks” that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and data to improve the usage and application of low-cost sensor air quality data. The network provides real-time data and alerts to help entities make informed decisions about their exposure to air pollution and take measures to protect their health and wellbeing.
Afri-SET evaluates and provides calibrations for low-cost air quality sensors to ensure that end-users are informed about their sensors’ performance and limitations. Afri-SET provides air quality stakeholders access to knowledge about best practices on generally using low-cost sensors and about how specific sensors they may wish to use perform in the African context.

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